Welcome Ramelle!

Ramelle Kabasele

Joining PRWOP in 2021 as the Community Liaison Officer, Ramelle brings a wealth of volunteering and life experience with her. She recently completed a Masters degree in Food Production Management at the University of Nottingham, is an accomplished singer, and a VOICES ambassador and advocate with the Red Cross, helping refugees and asylum seekers.

Ramelle has firsthand experience of the ongoing hardships women from DRC face, the reality of conflict and the loss of family members. Fleeing the conflict, she arrived from DRC alone to the UK in 2003, “it was difficult, the language barrier, the cultural differences, the trauma of who was left behind, arriving as an asylum seeker in a new country.”

Transforming this experience, Ramelle developed a deep passion for helping others, “I started working with the British Red Cross because I wanted to make changes so other people wouldn’t have to face the same difficulties I experienced”. She is active in local community projects, loves working with people and is excited to bring this passion full circle to raise funds and engage others in the Congolese community to help vulnerable women and children in her home country.