Welcome Michel!

Michel Chikwanine

PRWOP is happy to welcome Michel Chikwanine, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and a Canadian citizen. Michel is joining Renew SCIO in 2024 as Project Director for the pilot South Kivu Community Development Project in partnership with PRWOP.

His role as a United Nations Fellow for People of African Descent, has inspired people to believe in their ability to make a difference. As the author of the graphic novel, Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls are Used in War, he has spoken to over 800 000 people, sharing his experiences of being abducted as a child during the Great War of Africa in DRC. Leaving his audiences with a new perspective on life, inspiring them to believe in their ability to fulfil their purpose and have a sense of hope through social responsibility.

Now, as a graduate from the University of Toronto with a specialist in African Studies, Michel is a coach with the National Basketball Association’s Academy in Senegal, helping to shape the next generation of Athletes and leaders. His love of his home country, its beauty, and vibrancy, despite its torturous history, remains close to his heart.  Launching the project, is the realisation of a long-term goal for Michel, who is passionate about addressing the agricultural challenges and inequities contributing to food insecurity in South Kivu.