Celebrate and Recognise World Ranger Day 31st July

Every year on the 31st of July we celebrate and recognise World Ranger Day hosted by the International Rangers Federation and supported by the Thin Green Line Foundation.

Every day park rangers, community conservation officers, anti-poaching teams and support staff, give their time, effort and sometimes their lives, to protect the world’s natural environment.

Their protection and conservation efforts benefit the wildlife who depend on these natural habitats. Their work also benefits humankind, because without the natural environment we too would not have a home, food to eat, clean water to drink or clean air to breath. Our lives are not separate from nature and the natural world but depend on them. Even our technology is drawing on its sources.

Did you know? There are approximately 286 000 rangers across the world Appleton et al (2022) doing this essential work. But is it estimated that to meet the 30×30 target of biodiversity, the world will need 1,5 million conservation and wildlife professionals.

What is 30×30? Watch this short video ‘Force for Nature’ to learn more: 30x30x1.5m Rangers. The natural solution

The protection and conservation of biodiversity is essential to our way of life. A ranger’s professional responsibilities and duties span a wide range of skills. Learn more about what a ranger does here: Why Rangers Are Important

As part of raising awareness about conservation, community engagement and giving back, PRWOP believe it is important to commemorate colleagues who have lost their lives in the line of duty and recognise the sacrifice they, their families  and communities have made.

In the last year since 2022, 148 rangers lost their lives due to homicide from poachers and militia, animal attack, vehicle accidents and other related workplace hazards.

In DR Congo alone the honour role included:

  • Mahomet Meddy Kengu – Killed by Mai Mai
  • Benoit Hakizimana Ndamira – Killed by Mai Mai
  • Pascal Fatakanwe Tulinabo – Killed by Mai Mai
  • Alain Lukinga – Attacked by illegal miners
  • Paluku Mahamba Ovide – Hippo poaching firefight
  • Musubao Mubulya Justin – Hippo poaching firefight
  • Muhindo Kasay Nickson – Hippo poaching firefight
  • Kakule Nzonda Djiku – Convoy ambush by Mai Mai
  • Ngerageze Kamuzungu – Daniel Convoy ambush by Mai Mai
  • Paluku Kiyana – Died in Mai Mai attack
  • Jean-Luc Sekibibi Munyekuri – Accident during duty mission
  • Théophile Janvier Sebutama – Accident during duty mission
  • Papy Akilimali Kwabo – On-duty crash
  • Ushindi Banyungu Jean – Vehicle overturned

Their sacrifice is helping to save our planet.

Join us by helping to raise awareness, give back with a donation and remember the rangers, their families and colleagues on annual World Rangers Day, and every day.

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