7th World Ranger Congress 2012
Jean Pierre Jobogo Mirindi
Project Director, DRC

Based in DRC, Jean Pierre oversees the delivery of the project’s work and the progress of the women’s cooperative initiatives.

He founded the project after colleagues lost their lives and he felt a need to find support for their families. Working at a grass roots level he has sought practical ways to help and engage support to raise funds.

Since that time, the project has assisted widows develop new means of income generation and enable orphans to attend school.

Jean Pierre continues to live and work in DRC with his wife and children.

(Photo by Marco Kost, 2012, Arusha, www.mountains-and-more.com)

5 Charles and the kids
Charles Etoru
Trustee, Secretary

Originally from Uganda, Charles is a lifelong friend of Jean Pierre whom he studied with at the College of African Wildlife Management (CAWM) in Moshe, Tanzania.

Charles works tirelessly as a volunteer promoting respect and awareness of the work of park rangers within East Africa.

He currently lives with his wife and children in Leicester, England where he gained his MSc in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at the University of Leicester and is currently studying a postgraduate MSc in Mental Health at the University of Derby.

He returns frequently to Uganda to enjoy the sunshine and good food.

(Photo by Joe Williams, 2017, Gisenyi)

5 Sonya and Astrid
Sonya Willett
Trustee, Chairperson

Originally from Australia Sonya lives in Scotland, her long-term home, with her husband.

She has a background in indigenous cultural studies, operational management, learning and development, and strategic organisational development.

(Photo with Astrid Paluku by Joe Williams, 2017, Gisenyi)

Merav Israel

Residing in Edinburgh, Merav is the founder and Creative Director of the Scottish based dance company LaNua and practitioner of Feldenkrais, Gestalt, and movement therapy.

She is a valued supporter of partnership working between Renew and PRWOP and has a passion for grass roots community initiatives.

Ramelle Kabasele
Community Liaison Officer, UK

Joining PRWOP in 2021, Ramelle brings a wealth of volunteering and life experience with her.

She recently completed a Masters degree in Food Production Management at the University of Nottingham, is an accomplished singer, and a VOICES ambassador and advocate with the Red Cross, helping refugees and asylum seekers.

She is active in local community projects in the UK, loves working with people and is excited to bring this passion full circle to raise funds and engage others in the Congolese diaspora community to help vulnerable women and children in her home country.

IMG_2153 cropped
Michel Chikwanine
Project Director, South Kivu Community Development Project

As a United Nations Fellow for People of African Descent, Michel inspires people to believe in their ability to make a difference.

The co-author of the graphic novel, Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls are Used in War, sharing his experiences of being abducted as a child during the Great War of Africa in DRC he has spoken to over 800 000 people. Leaving his audiences with a new perspective on life, inspiring them to believe in their ability to fulfil their purpose and have a sense of hope through social responsibility.

Graduating from the University of Toronto, Michel currently coaches with the National Basketball Association’s Academy in Senegal, helping to shape the next generation of Athletes and leaders. Michel is a dedicated volunteer and passionate about addressing the agricultural challenges and inequities contributing to food insecurity in South Kivu.

Robert portrait
Robert Mulimbi
Senior Field Assistant, DRC

Robert was born in Kavumu center near Kahuzi Biega National Park in 1969. He joined as a park ranger at the age of 18 where he met Jean Pierre and they worked together as colleagues in wildlife conservation.

Robert has specialised in gorilla habituation and spent four years working with the troop visitors now have the extraordinary opportunity to meet there.

With his local knowledge and understanding of the area Robert is central to supporting the widows and orphans project in the Kahuzi Biega region.

His kind and generous nature has helped the women establish business initiatives and provide ‘go to’ information and support on the ground.

Busasa photo cropped
Busasa Murhula Dieudonne
Field Assistant, DRC

In 2012/3 Busasa lost his father, a park ranger in Kahuzi Beiga National Park. Busasa received support from the PRWOP to attend school and finished secondary school to become a teacher.

In 2020, he joined the team of volunteers in the Kahuzi Beiga region determined to help other orphans. His assistance providing updates and communications from the field during the pandemic was invaluable during those difficult times.

Busasa has continued to assist the project, accompanying the women to the field and assisting with the planting and the development of the agricultural initiative. He continues to provide helpful updates from the region and is a valuable point of contact for the Project.

Calling all Volunteers!
How can YOU help?

The women and children of park rangers killed protecting parks and wildlife need your help.


  • Communication Officer
  • Fundraising Officer

Our volunteers offer a range of support from social media fundraising, website development, organising fund raising events such as concerts and sponsored sporting events, to making presentations.

Use the skills you have, your time, expertise or networks to help raise awareness and support for PRWOP today.

Join us and make a difference that helps others and promotes awareness about conservation issues in one of the most eco-diverse countries on the planet.

Please act now, every effort helps, we are waiting for you 🙂