Meet the Kids Crew!

These are some of the wonderful young students who received support from the ‘PRWOP Bring the Kids Crew Back To School’ campaign in 2016-17. The groups’ ages range from nine to seventeen and in most cases they attend school in their local areas. Two of the older children, Emmanuel and Argentine, have started in higher education and hope to continue to complete higher qualifications. They all have dreams of continuing to study and succeeding in their lives. We are endeavouring to support their aspirations in honour of the sacrifice their fathers made protecting wildlife and the national park areas they worked in; and in the belief that these young people will also go on to help others and enrich their communities.

It is devastating to lose a parent at any age but for the orphans of park rangers the death of their fathers can also mean the immediate and potentially permanent loss of access to education. The smiles you see below are a reflection of their joy at being told this year they would have that opportunity.

There are many other children of park rangers whose fathers have been killed in their line of work, in some cases these children have lost both parents, such as Ishara, all of them need support. This year we will continue to raise funds to help these and other children whilst also seeking to enable the widows to develop their own sources of sustainable income.

For the older children we are launching a student sponsorship programme to encourage individuals or groups interested in supporting a young adult to gain higher education qualifications. By creating a sustainable support programme we will enable these young people to fulfil their potential and become local advocates for the importance and value of protecting natural heritage and wildlife areas.

If you would like to contribute to the success of these young people please contact us or go directly to the link for donations. Your support is greatly appreciated.