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We are coming to you with some very good news.

This week, our 8 members of the PRWOP Kid’s Crew went back to school!
You can see on the pictures how happy they were to learn the great news.

We want to thank the Edinburgh bands who played in our charity gig.
We want to thank our runners for giving the best of themselves in May.
We want to thank our Trustees for their guidance.
We want to thank our Volunteer for her hard work.

And we want to thank you, all of you, for your support and your help.

We are a small grassroots community charity and all of us contributed to this amazing result.

Ishara, Germain, Destin, Victoire, Argentine, Emmanuel, Rachelle and Joyce greet you all.

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Earlier this week we received the report of three rangers being killed in Virunga National Park. The report stated:

"Virunga National Park deeply regrets to announce the death of three park rangers, Charles Paluku Syaira, Jonas Paluku Malyani and Pacifique Musubao Fikirini, following an attack on their position in the northern sector of the park by Mai-Mai militia in the early hours of Monday 14 August 2017. One more ranger is currently missing in action. The incident occurred during a routine patrol.

Ranger Charles leaves behind his wife and eight children; Ranger Jonas leaves behind his wife and five children, and Ranger Pacifique leaves behind a wife and four children.

This incident brings the total number of rangers killed in the line of duty to eight in 2017. Over 160 rangers have sacrificed their lives protecting Virunga National Park in the last 20 years."

PRWOP join with the colleagues of these fallen rangers in sending our deepest condolences to the families and widows.

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... and best of all met the wonderful ladies, children, trainers, supporters and enablers of the PRWOP / AVEGAP project.

Thank you again and best wishes to all.

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We met old friends and new... ...

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